Sutherland Carpet Cleaning – How Carpet Cleaning Needs To Be Performed

Although carpet cleaning may be thought of as a simple process, to get a quality result – at the minimum – the following steps need to be performed:


1) General Walk Through With Your Technician To Identify and Discuss The State of The Carpet – this is where the carpet cleaning technician will explain what is to follow and try and identify problem areas in need of treatment.

2) Thorough Pre-Vacuum to Remove Dry Soil and Hair Prior to the Carpet Clean – this step is the one often missed yet is crucial to the successful carpet cleaning job. It adds another dimension to the carpet clean and is essentially making sure some areas are cleaned twice with two different machines. A good vacuum with a strong beater brush will also agitate the carpet prior to putting down a solution, which will open the carpet fibres up resulting in greater access for the solution.

3)Pre-Spray – Although it may look like a simple act of spraying down a solution, there are numerous variations in the types of pre-sprays to match the variations of carpet types. A good carpet cleaning technician should have at least 5-6 different carpet pre-sprays at his disposal in order to cover every carpet type.

4) Treating Stains – If there was a large variety in the pre-sprays, then this is amplified with spotting solutions. There are over 25, each with a specific use!

5) Extraction – The contents that were put down in the previous steps are extracted using heated water. In some cases a neutraliser may be added to this step to leave your carpets with a proper pH level.


These steps are the minimum that you should expect of your carpet cleaner. We use a more thorough system with additional steps to add to the final result, with all these steps included!

With over 10,000 jobs under our belt, we have the experience, knowledge and the equipment to help you achiever a fantastic carpet cleaning result. Here is just some of our work:

Carpet Cleaning Step By Step

Reputation Built On Carpet Cleaning Results.

Our reputation is dependent on every single job which makes us strive to achieve the best carpet cleaning result every single time. Over the years we have built up a large base of loyal and lovely customers based on this ethos. On the handful of jobs where the result did not meet expectation, we were more than happy to refund the full amount as we don’t believe in charging for a service that someone found unsatisfactory.

Here are just some of our testimonials which can be found if you click on our social media icons up top:

I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to use Carpet Tech. Extremely professional staff and friendly service with great results. Don’t look anywhere else ,this is the company to go with! Thank you Carpet Tech – L.Phelan

OMG! Raphael has ‘just’ turned off his steam cleaner… literally 2hrs after he arrived. And there was another technician (the tall guy in their photos who owns the business) here as well for the first half. I paid them upfront and went out for breakfast and wandered back home 1.5hrs later, assuming they would be long gone. But no, I was back to see Raphael meticulously finish steam cleaning the lounge room. He was also using spot cleaner on grubby bits – with no extra cost asked. The carpet is spotless, the equipment state of the art, they turned up in two Carpet-Tech branded Vans (no hit and miss sub-contracting here!). I paid a bit extra to get the carpet ‘agitation’ option – and it seems the carpet was cleaned twice, an agitation run through followed by a steam clean (and it was actual steam not just hot water). Actually I guess 3 times as they vacuumed first too :-). So impressed… 2 men, 2 hours of work on my 2 bed apartment carpets! Wow! These guys really give value for money and excellent service. Thank you – C.Chapster

Highly recommended. They did an excellent job and the service was professional, friendly and reliable. They communicated exactly what they were going to do, when they would do it and how much it would be and they delivered exactly that. The quote was fixed (no hidden fees), the business manager and the technician were highly professional and their quote was competitive. They managed to get filthy carpets looking brand new.
We’re glad we came across Carpet Tech and we’ll certainly be using them again – A.Raks


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